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Asda Extra Special Carmenère 2016

Posted by: Andy Kelly

Date: 07-10-2019

A long time favourite of mine, it’s good to see it getting the recognition it deserves…

What Ned said:

"Dense Crimson - even carmine - colour is matched by concentrated black-fruit ripeness; 13.5% alcohol. Carmenère does have its own special roasty savour - do try one".

I really, REALLY love this wine. I’ve had it a number of times now and it never disappoints, even across multiple vintages. Interesting to note that in the 2019 edition of the book Ned it gives it a solid 8 but this is down from top marks in the 2018 edition. Notably, it’s featured in each of the last 3 editions of the book and most recently received an 8 in the 2020 edition also.

It’s a dark purply-red in the glass and the nose screams black fruit at you. It’s nice and plummy on the palate with a spicy finish that makes it very more-ish.

Doing my research for this wine I spotted a lot of people calling it a decent mid-week wine. Bollocks. It’s been a staple Saturday night wine for me for ages and It’s good for any occasion. The best thing about it though has to be the price. You can pick this up from Asda right now for £6.50 and it’s an absolute steal. I’ve paid treble the price for wines that have been nowhere near as enjoyable.

Hands down this is a 10 from me due to its consistency.