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Get Your Cork Out is a collaboration between wine lovers and good friends Dane Brookes and Andy Kelly. We want to share our of love of wine with you in a way that’s accessible to all, no matter where you are on your own wine journey.

This website will not only be a friendly guide to the wines that we’re drinking; we also want it to serve as a resource for all wine lovers so that you are able to taste new wines, embrace new vineyards and maybe even discover a favourite new region or grape variety.

Wine is a passion of ours and we hope this shines through in our content. As well as reviews, we will offer guides to regions & grapes, promote some outstanding smaller vineyards that deserve to be on the map and we’ll even throw a bit of history into the mix too.

So, join us with a glass of your favourite and let’s talk all things wine!

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Vintage Variation & Consistency

A couple of years back, during the blissful ignorance of my wine youth, I spotted a very interesting bottle of red on Amazon and I was immediately struck by it. Its label was…different. It was quirky with a comic book style illustration and it screamed “buy me”. It was The Squid’s Fist 2016 by Some Young Punks and for around £18 It wasn’t the usual bottle I’d go for but given I had the money and it was coming up to Christmas I thought I’d give it a go.

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Restaurant Mark-Ups

Picture the scene. You’ve just turned up to a restaurant you’ve fancied for ages. You’ve had your coat taken, you’ve been seated, and you’ve been presented with the menus. The Sommelier saunters over and presents you with the wine list and you’re thinking “Go on then why not?!” and then you look at the contents…

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A Beginner’s Guide to White Wine

For many, the idea of exploring their taste in wine can be daunting. Anybody who has walked down the wine isle in their local supermarket can attest to being lost in a blur of red and white bottles everywhere.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Red Wine

For many, the idea of exploring their taste in wine can be daunting. Anybody who has walked down the wine isle in their local supermarket can attest to being lost in a blur of red and white bottles everywhere.

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Latest Articles & Reviews

The Black Craft Shiraz 2018

I was recently gifted this wine by a friend and was immediately struck by the bottle. Like the majority of bottles coming from Australia, it shuns the typical picture of a chateau or region followed by the name of the wine etc. and instead aims for a modern take on a label that’s designed to jump out at the potential buyer. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. For this wine, it works and it will look good on any wine rack.


Root of the Mountain 2015

I recently returned from a holiday in Zante and whilst there I was fortunate to have visited Grampsas Winery, one of only a handful of wineries on the island.


Perdriel Centenario 2016

I was undertaking the customary telephone call to my parents one weekend a few weeks back and I’d barely exchanged pleasantries with my dad when he uttered those cherished words…” Son, I’ve got a wine for you”. As explained elsewhere on our website, he knows his stuff so his opinion carries a fair degree of gravitas.


Book Review: The Billionaire’s Vinegar by Benjamin Wallace

Okay, so I’ve not really been reading any books for pleasure this year. A lot of my reading has been around doing research for projects on this website and I’ve just not been inclined to pick up and just enjoy a book.


Lorca Inspirado 2010

It has been a little over a year since I tasted this wine and two things have been a continuous reminder that I must give the Inspirado the attention it deserves.


Vidal Sauvignon Blanc 2019

It’s no secret that I’m not great with my white wines. I’m even less experienced when it comes to Sauvignon Blanc, having only really tasted it during my WSET qualifications. I’m yet to really be “wowed” by any of it and haven’t found a bottle that I could keep going back to.


Andy Kelly talks wine on "The Whisky Lock In"

Sam Laing of Cask 88 interviewed Andy Kelly as part of their Whiskey Lock-in series.


The Story of Phylloxera

I was recently offered the opportunity to appear as a panellist on Cask 88’s TV show devoted to all things whisky. On the show we discussed the devastation Phylloxera caused and how whisky was able to benefit. This article is an accompaniment to my appearance and provides a much more in-depth view of the pest that nearly killed the French wine industry. I would just like to thank Sam Laing from Cask 88 and Xavier from Mallorcaria Wine Merchant’s Mallorca for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to working with them once again in the future.


Best Wines in the Supermarket 2020

We regularly look at wines recommended by Ned Halley in our category "Ned Said", so here's how you can get a copy of his book for 2020.