Diablo Dark Red 2015

Diablo Dark Red 2015
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Diablo Dark Red 2015

"New brand from redoubtable Concha y Toro of Casillero del Diablo (Devil's Cellar) renown looks in its scarlet livery as if it might be overheated, but it's well judged, evoking a luscious blackberry pie under a sweetly caramelised crust with cream on the side but brightly fruity and with a trim acidity; 13.5% alcohol.

The 2015 vintage was rated at a solid 8 by Ned Halley. Can the 2017 vintage compete with its older brother?

A very wistful description from Ned there! Seriously though this is a good wine at a very good price. Mine was bought at Sainsbury’s for £10 but it is also available at Tesco at around the same price.

I have a long standing theory that Chileans don’t understand bad wine and this theory still holds up with this bottle. I was only able to get the 2017 vintage but I feel Ned’s review is still valid for this vintage. Inky purple in the glass with a solid, clean nose of blackberry and black cherry. On the palate I tasted cherries with hints of oak and plenty of lip-smacking jam. It was quite sweet too and I enjoyed the nice, long finish. The wine is bold with a hint of acidity and there’s plenty of angels tears in your glass for 13.5% abv.

The wine itself is a blend of 63% Syrah, 36% Malbec and 1% red blend (god knows what…) and I think that the grapes mix well. It certainly makes for a very well rounded wine that packs a punch and won’t hurt the wallet. I’d expect to pay £16-17 for something of this quality so for £10 it represents excellent value for money.

Would I buy it again? Definitely. Does it deserve it’s 8 rating from Ned Hally? Absolutely.

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