• Vintage Variation & Consistency Part Two:

    Vintage Variation & Consistency Part Two:0

    Two wines from the same winery but from different vintages. What could possibly be different?

  • Grampsas Winery Zakynthos

    Grampsas Winery Zakynthos0

    On a recent trip to Zakynthos (or Zante to us Brits) I decided that it was imperative that we visit a winery. Prior to heading out for a much needed holiday, I did a little bit of research and found that Grampsas Winery was only a 15 minute taxi journey from where we were staying. Furthermore, it got rave reviews on TripAdvisor and , most importantly of all, their wine selection looked good.

  • Vintage Variation and Consistency

    Vintage Variation and Consistency1

    A couple of years back, during the blissful ignorance of my wine youth, I spotted a very interesting bottle of red on Amazon and I was immediately struck by it. Its label was…different. It was quirky with a comic book style illustration and it screamed “buy me”. It was The Squid’s Fist 2016 by Some Young Punks and for around £18 It wasn’t the usual bottle I’d go for but given I had the money and it was coming up to Christmas I thought I’d give it a go.