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Tukituki Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Posted by: Andy Kelly

Date: 11-10-2019

The first white wine from Ned's book will definitely not be the last.

What Ned said:

"Lots of Marlborough Sauvignon indicators in this lively wine: asparagus and sweet green pepper aromas, grassy raciness and nettly zest; 12.5% alcohol."

The Tukituki represents the first white wine I’ve tasted from Ned’s book. My palate isn’t as refined as it is for the red so I’m still getting to grips with the various styles. I do feel, however, that I can give you something to go on!

The first thing that strikes me is the label. I’m very much a less-is-more person when it comes to wine labels and I like the warm white/cream background with the their motif just below. It stands out well and looked great on my wine rack. The next thing that stands out is the price, £6.00 (down from £7.00) for this award winning little gem should not be passed up and if you’re a fan of the style then get yourselves to Asda and pick one up.

It’s a nice, clear, pale lemon in the glass with notes of passionfruit on the nose. I get similar tropical fruit taste as it goes down with the slightest hints of grassy notes. It is dry, mouth wateringly acidic and has a lovely refreshing zest as it does down that makes it an easy drinker. I should also add that it lasts very well. It had been sitting on my rack half drunk for a good few months and once re-opened it had retained much of its more-ishness.

A very good wine that showcases just how good New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs can be. You can’t beat it for £6 and it is a suitable drink for all occasions.