Two men and a dream

Join us on our journey through the wine time continuum.

Get Your Cork out is a collaboration between wine lovers Dane Brookes and Andy Kelly. Together, we want to share our love of wine in a light-hearted and informative way so that we can help people discover great, affordable wines that they’ll love and avoid wines that are shite. We know that tasting wines is subjective so we’re expecting people to agree, disagree, call us the best things since fermented grapes or the worst conmen since Rudy Kurniawan and we’re okay with that!

We’re currently not far into our wine journey but we both have a passion and enthusiasm for all things related to wine and we feel that this passion and enthusiasm will stand us in good stead on our journey. We believe that wine is experiential, and we will endeavour to frame our content in a way that goes beyond the simple finding, purchasing and tasting of a wine. For example, it’s probably fair to say that we’re as good friends as we are because of our shared love of wine!

We’re not experts, we’re not know it alls and our content will not give off the whiff of arrogance that can sometimes be seen within the industry (we hope!).

So, come and join us, give our articles a read and let’s talk wine!

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